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Frame + Single vision lens

Prices includes a frame with single vision prescription in hard multi-coat (HMC) lens, a casing and a lens cleaning cloth.

Benefits of Hard Multi-Coat Lens

Standard Lenses

1.56 Index Single Vision

*Lens are of 1.56 index to meet safety standards

Lens Add-ons

Blue-ray coating +S$60

  • Filter out blue light from on-screen devices
  • Designed to reduce fatigue
  • Scratch resistant coating prevents glasses from wearing out

Anti-fog (AF) coating +S$60

  • AF coating makes lens surface hydrophilic
  • Useful in everyday situation such as cooking or transitioning from cold to hot environment (vice versa)

Photochromic Lens +S$150

  • Photochromic lens darkens and fades according to intensity of light exposure
  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays

*Progressive lens

  • High index aspheric lens
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-reflection

*Do note that progressive lens requires a special prescription and it cannot be done online. Please book an eye test with us. Our opticians will be able to advise you.

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