Understanding that there is a gap between the requirements of users and suppliers on PPE, WORKSafe was developed to specially cater to the Asia market.


Leveraging our extensive years of experience and expertise in the industry, we conducted relentless research and
development efforts to create safety eyewear that’s just right for you. Our 1st range of WORKSafe® value-focused
safety eyewear for Asians was developed in 1999.

Boasting Asian fit and unique features, WORKSafe® safety eyewear was well received upon launch. This led
to the creation of more WORKSafe® safety eyewear thet are not only stylishly designed but also fit better, all while
passing local and international safety standards. WORKSafe® further went on to develop a total eye protection
program which includes plano, prescription, safety sunglasses and safety goggles.

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