Understanding that there is a gap between the requirements of users and suppliers on PPE, WORKSafe® was developed to specially cater to the Asia market.

Leveraging on the extensive years of experience and expertise in the industry and with relentless research and continuous technological development, the 1st range of WORKSafe® value-focused safety eyewear for Asians was developed in 1999.

Boasting Asian fit and unique features, WORKSafe® safety eyewear was well received upon launch. This further lead to the creation of more WORKSafe® safety eyewear that are not only stylishly designed but also fit better, accompanied with more outstanding features and are tested and passed local and international safety standards. WORKSafe® further went on to develop a total eye protection program which includes Plano, prescription, safety sunglasses and safety goggles.

Customer Service

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Prompt Response

We have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful sales and customer service officers who are ever ready to provide information and recommendations on our products and services. Our friendly Sales and Customer Service Team makes sure you have the answers on:

  • Product Information
  • Quotations
  • Ordering
  • Shipping Alternatives
  • Recommendations
  • Product Availability
  • Delivery Options
  • Additional Information

They will provide you with comprehensive information for easy decision. We value your call and we make it easy for you to buy from us.

Technical Support

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Safety Prescription Eyewear (SRX) Programme

WORKSafe® has its own laboratory, a SRX programme which includes on-site screening, sight testing as well as fitting and dispensing of safety prescription eyewear solutions via a network of authorized opticians.

For a full list of authorised opticians please click here >>..

Logistic Service

Prompt Delivery

Our regional offices and distribution network are structured to meet your safety needs in other parts of Asia. With our integrated logistics system and warehousing facilities, we assure our customers of reliable and dependable delivery service. We provide next day delivery service for local orders (ex-stock items).

Quality Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee our product quality. If you find any manufacturing defects on our products, we will replace them free of charge, no questions asked! Order now and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.